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Begin Smart Home

Begin Smart Home

What would it be like if you went into a home and knew as much as you could in the beginning?

Ever looked for a car and it was considered "pre-owned certified"? As a seller you could do that for your home!

Welcome to the BEGIN SMART home page! 

What do we have to do?

1. Order a home inspection - Time up to 3 hours - Cost $300 - $500

2. Order a termite inspection - Time 30 Minutes - Cost $100

3. Pre-Order & meet with a title company - Time 15 Minutes

4. Order a home warranty - Time 5 Minutes - Cost $400-$1000

Extra Option - Order a home appraisal - Cost $400

What are the advantages? 

Based on the findings, you and I can resolve many selling issues before your home goes on the market.

It helps justify the selling price, clarifies a clean title, and helps resolve any major repairs needed.

It may also eliminate possible legal disclosure-related problems after the sale.

Your home will likely get a better offer, and close faster!

Help provide the buyer with more confidence to move towards buying your home over another.


Full Disclosure -

Every buyer will be encouraged to have their own home inspection by the buyers representative.

Every inspector has a different opinion and one may find a challenge item on your home that the other one did not.

There may be date expirations on some inspections.

Findings of any inspector my result in an item that needs proper disclosure.

To get started give me a shout today -  405-924-4663